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CalvinJohn Calvin has become a foundational figure for me theologically. I mean, it makes sense with the whole “Reformedish” thing, but it’s surprising to find out how many Reformed or Calvinist types there are out there who’ve never really spent time with the man’s works. In any case, I’ve noticed over the last few months that I tend to post little sections of his works on a fairly regular basis. That being the case, I’ve decided to gather all of my Calvin posts on one page for easy reference.

I’m also taking this opportunity to formalize my interactions into a little project in which I select and comment on a passage in either the Institutes or the commentaries every week. There are a number of reasons for this, but I’ll list 4.

  1. Calvin’s works are easy enough to reference and they cover a broad theological terrain which makes him ideal to engage with regularly.
  2. This will be obvious to most, but I would like to point out that I am not a Calvin expert, but an amateur looking to grow by engagement with one of greats of Protestant thought. I read somewhere that it is wise for young theologians to pick one classic theologian and read everything they’ve ever written, not in order to agree with everything they’ve ever said, but simply to learn. I probably won’t read everything Calvin ever wrote because, well, I’m not getting a Ph.D. here. It is just a blog. Still, Calvin is one of those guys that sustained attention to seems to repay the effort.
  3. Not enough people know what Calvin taught beyond the 5 points (which Calvin probably didn’t teach, even though he probably agreed with them). This is my little way of introducing people to a Calvin beyond the caricature.
  4. I’ve been looking for a long-term project.

These ‘Calvin Comments’ will correspond either with my own personal Bible study, or a relevant issue I happen to be studying–that is to say, this is probably going to be haphazard and follow no particular order.

Calvin Comments

Sacraments Across Space and Time

God, the Holy One of Israel Has Chosen to Be Your God

Christmas: Thus God and Man are United. Thus, In Christ, We Posses God

The Doctrine Without Which Holy Week Is Not Good News

Calvin and Lip-Gloss

The Ridiculous Entry

If Grace, Then Sin?

Are You Hungry Enough?

6 Reasons To Dig Into Calvin’s Commentaries

When God is Like Alfred Hitchcock

Calvin on Chalcedon in a Nutshell

‘Substance’? ‘Hypostasis’? But Those Words are Un-Biblical!

Whatever We Ask For?

Speech-Acts and the Peace of Jesus

Jesus is the Beginning, the Middle, and the End

Comfort for Slaves in the NT

Work the Pictures

Wait, I Thought N.T. Wright Said That First?

Careful Reader

That Time C.S. Lewis Got ‘Total Depravity’ Wrong (Just Like Everybody Else)

The Order Doesn’t Matter Because a Painting Is All We Need

I’m Taking a Sabbath (And So Should You)

That Time Calvin Disagreed with Augustine (Or, How to Read the Fathers Like a Protestant)

Job, Providence, and Multiple Intentionality

Does God Need to Be Woken Up? Calvin’s 6 Reasons to Pray

Love Them Anyway

Three Dangers and One Hope For Pastors

In Christ It’s All There

Salvation in Living Color

5 Theses on Christ’s Priestly Ministry

Who Needs Preachers when You’ve the Bible?

Angels, Sheep, and Sauciness

It is Finished–All of It (Good Friday According to Calvin)

Early Posts

John Calvin’s Motherly God (Or, Why He’s Actually Worth Reading)

Wrath Or Love? Calvin on Why Jesus Goes to the Cross

God Didn’t Just Create the World to Spin On Its Own

“Good Luck! I’m Praying for You!” Wait, What?

Christ’s Cross and Ours: Some Thoughts on Suffering and the Life of Faith

Soli Deo Gloria

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