How Much Theology Should Couples Agree on Before They Get Married? (TGC)

cake-marriage-300x225I’ll admit, this isn’t a typical question most Christian singles, or even couples, are asking. Most are still stuck on, “Wait, I’m supposed to date Christians?” That said, once you’ve established the importance of marrying someone who will be your partner in the faith and has the mutual goal of encouraging you in your relationship with Christ, you may start to wonder, “Well, does it really matter what kind of Christian they are? How will our theology affect the way we point each other to Christ? I mean, does it affect things if I’m a Protestant and he’s a Catholic? Or what if we have different views on the end times? What about speaking in tongues? Can I date someone who ‘quenches the Spirit’ and thinks I worship with ‘strange fire’?”
As I’ve thought about the issue while talking with friends, considering my own marriage, and searching through the Scriptures, I’ve concluded there isn’t any quick, easy answer. Instead, I want to simply put forward three questions, and a couple of caveats, to help singles and couples navigate the dating and marriage decision.
You can read the rest of the article at The Gospel Coalition.
Soli Deo Gloria

One thought on “How Much Theology Should Couples Agree on Before They Get Married? (TGC)

  1. Still appreciate seeing you on TGC blog bro – you’ve got good insights to offer and i’m glad you are getting a wider readership with them.
    I would say your post is pretty much on the money. My caution would be that “agreeing on the essentials” could create a false sense of security for couples, considering the kind of outflow of differing theological positions that grows out of the bottom line, even if we stay within evangelicalism. There are many, rightly, secondary issues w/i orthodox Christianity that are still deeply divisive (which is ok!) even with people i don;t have to share a bed with at the end of the day, or eat a meal with, or drive the kids to school with.
    So i would say, “yes, agreeing on the essentials is essential, but … don’t stop talking/digging/discussing after that ;)”

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