Should Pastors (or any of us) Read the Word on an iPad? (CaPC)

bible ipad

I have a Bible app on my phone and I love it. I usually use it in the morning to listen to my daily readings as I putter around making coffee and becoming human again. I’ve sat down with a number of my students and helped them download that same app in order to show them how easy it is to read a chapter a day instead of spending those 5 minutes checking some inane Reddit thread that, like sugar with teeth, will eventually rot their souls. (I might have to pay for that one later.)

That said, there are some real misgivings about the way the tech format can shape the way we encounter the Word. Over at the Gospel Coalition Matthew Barrett raises some good questions about  pastors using tech in the pulpit in his thoughtful article “Dear Pastor, Bring Your Bible to Church.”

You can read my summary and response over at Christ and Pop Culture.

2 thoughts on “Should Pastors (or any of us) Read the Word on an iPad? (CaPC)

  1. I read Matthew Barrett’s article last week, and whether his points are valid or not, I felt that his piece was, as you said, thoughtful. He seemed to communicate humbly and in a good spirit.

    What made more of an impression on me than the article itself was the crass and disrespectful nature of some of the comments that followed. There seemed to be little willingness for introspection or contemplation.

    Very telling, if you ask me.

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