Mere Fidelity: Voting and Getting Along After the Election (w/ John Stonestreet)

Mere FiThis week we finally decided to take up the election, so we had the President of the Colson Center, John Stonestreet, on to chat with us. The election will be here in two weeks, so the we figured it was about time.  More specifically, we took up a couple of related questions. First, what are some of the ethical issues involved for particular voters? What should people be pondering as we enter the voting booth?

The other, possibly more interesting one was what are we going to do with each other after the election. Tensions have run high among Christians this year. The behavior of some of our putative leaders has surprised and appalled us. What will reconciliation look like on the other side? What about responsibility? We might forgive, but need we trust them?

We hope this conversation sheds more light than it does heat.

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Soli Deo Gloria

3 thoughts on “Mere Fidelity: Voting and Getting Along After the Election (w/ John Stonestreet)

    • Michael,
      I’m sorry you didn’t have the patience to endure. As for defending sexual assault, you must not have been paying very much attention to some of our Evangelical leaders. When the tape of Donald Trump bragging about forcibly, grabbing women’s private parts against their will, many excused it and tried to brush it off as “locker room talk” or “macho talk.” Grabbing a woman by her privates against her will is, in fact, sexual assault. By definition. To excuse that, then, is to “dismiss” and “defend” sexual assault as not a big deal because we’re not dealing with a pastor, or just not-Hilary. This includes leaders like Jerry Falwell Jr. and Robert Jeffress, and that’s not even just all the Evangelical folks you can find on Twitter, Facebook boards, etc. who support Trump and so are finding ways to ignore his remarks, the accusations against him by over a dozen women, and so forth.

      So, sure, maybe milktoast. Libel? Hardly.

  1. Donald Trump did NOT say anything about “forcibly, against their will.” He said “they LET you.” This implies consent. He was talking about the fact that women like to sleep with rock starts. Did you listen to it for yourself, or did you only listen to what the media told you it said?

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