Mere Fidelity: Living Through the Church’s Exile

There’s been a lot of chatter about the need to “counter-cultural” Christians in order to prepare for the coming exile of the Church in North America. We decided to take up that subject in this week’s Mere Fidelity. I have to say, this might be one of the most fun and important chats we’ve had in a while. I hope you’ll give it a listen:

Soli Deo Gloria

One thought on “Mere Fidelity: Living Through the Church’s Exile

  1. What a great podcast! I thought there were some good points and counterpoints made. I was hoping there would be some more analysis of the current initiative to basically use government, militant homosexuality and the courts to silence Christian business owners (and in all likelihood churches as this progresses). I think the efforts to prosecute Christian business owners are outliers for the real motivation of the enemy to silence the church using gay rights as his hoof in the door. On the one hand this is becoming a powerful tool against the church that many churchgoers just shrug about and seemingly just want to “coexist” with… this is troublesome. On the other hand it really isn’t anything new since Paul was preaching about these very same issues in the early days of the church. I think the opinions on all sides were valid and well presented… especially since we are to base our views of life on earth on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ – that will invariably place us individually in different circumstances (John 21:22). Having said that – I do believe there is a very real possibility that the courts in America will allow the rights of homosexuals to triumph over the freedom of religion, and if that happens, pastors that are faithful to the biblical teaching of sin will be prosecuted for hate speech. “If” and when that happens we will be entering a brand new something in America and exile terminology could prove most prescient. Thanks again – love your blog!

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