Mere Fidelity: Atonement

A few weeks ago Matt Anderson and I invited on Adam Johnson and Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry to talk about atonement. Our qualifications? Well, on our end, Anderson runs the Mere Orthodoxy site and I wrote this super-long post about penal substitutionary atonement. Adam Johnson has actually written a couple of books on the subject and teaches at Biola’s Torrey Honors program. So he’s kind of an expert. Now, Pascal, well, he’s my favorite French Catholic writer/twitter-fiend/troll on the internet right now. We debate stuff like this all the time, so we figured why not on the podcast?

So, here it is:

For more show links that I don’t feel like hassling with, go to MereOrthodoxy. They’re actually very helpful.

Soli Deo Gloria

3 thoughts on “Mere Fidelity: Atonement

  1. I enjoyed this conversation very much, as I do all the Mere Fidelity podcasts.

    One mild critique though. You all circled the issue pretty high up in the philosophical clouds, which is great, but didn’t really place your feet upon the solid ground of exegesis much. I would have loved to have heard that. (Although I’ve had friendly exegetical discussions with Catholic friends and know how that goes, haha).

    Anyways, perhaps a sequel? Or a series?

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