Mere Fidelity: Theosis and the Warning Passages

On this episode of Mere Fidelity we take up two subjects.

1. The warning passages in Hebrews and elsewhere. Andrew and Alastair have some excellent insights. Actually, Alastair gave the best read of the warning passages in Hebrews, I’ve heard.

2. How about that Eastern Orthodoxy theosis? Is it kosher for Evangelicals? Can Reformed types make any sense of it? Well, maybe. You’ll just have to listen in.

Also, I explain why I sound dumber than everyone else on the podcast.

There you go.

Also, we have links to books and articles over at Mere Orthodoxy for this subject.

Soli Deo Gloria

2 thoughts on “Mere Fidelity: Theosis and the Warning Passages

  1. I read a really helpful paper on the warning passages in Hebrews a while back, I think in the Criswell Theological Review (I can’t currently remember the author but I’m sure his surname began with V… šŸ™‚ He made the point that the warnings were corporate rather than individual in nature. Alistair’s comments on this episode have taken that further, in a really helpful way – very much appreciated.

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