Mere Fidelity Podcast: On Marriage and Donated Gametes

This week’s conversation continues through our reading of Oliver O’Donovan’s Begotten or Made? with a conversation about the ways in which the possibility of gamete-donation by third parties to married couples has reshaped our understanding of marriage and its goods. That might sound boring at the front end, but it’s actually quite lively and increasingly relevant in our culture today.

I’d encourage you to open up the show notes here for the very long quote we read at the beginning. Also, see Alastair’s discussion with a listener in the comments there as well.

Soli Deo Gloria 

One thought on “Mere Fidelity Podcast: On Marriage and Donated Gametes

  1. I was expecting to hear more on the possible commodification of human beings. IVF (and therefore the child from it) costs $$$. Does O’Donovan go there? You fellows aren’t done so maybe that will get more drawn out.

    I had the honour of seeing O’Donovan speak live a few years ago – on different matters though. I’m enjoying listening in on your discussions. I’m enjoying the podcasts.

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