Mere Fidelity Podcast: The Trinity and the Bible w/ Fred Sanders!

fred sandersThis week’s podcast we had the honor of having Fred Sanders on the show. For those of you who don’t know him, he’s one of my favorite people and an excellent trinitarian theologian working over at the Biola Torrey Honors program. We talked with Fred about what goes into developing the doctrine of the tradition based on the Bible, tradition, and so forth. As usual, Fred’s great. If you like the discussion and are interested in Fred’s work, you can check him blogging at Scriptorium Daily or his excellent book on the Trinity The Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes Everything.

A couple of things to note, though. First, the sound quality on my end is a bit shoddy. It’s mostly fine, but the first minute there is rough. We’re working on it.

Second, please do take time if you can to rate and if possible review the podcast over at our iTunes RSS feed. Also, feel free to subscribe.

Soli Deo Gloria

2 thoughts on “Mere Fidelity Podcast: The Trinity and the Bible w/ Fred Sanders!

  1. Yay! Fred is always a pleasure to hear and read.

    Can I suggest a topic to speak about on the podcast? Well, here it is: union with Christ. I’ve been reading Campbell’s book on the subject and it would be great to hear what for example Calvin taught about it.

  2. Hey guys,

    Read Deep Things of God a year or so ago. Excellent book. Was looking forward to this podcast. Sadly, I was a little disappointed 😦 . My sorry opinion, for what its worth, is that you have too many people on the podcast. The topic at hand gets lost. The dialogue between the hosts takes over. Awkward spaces occur.

    Was hoping for a good discussion on John 17, Psalm 82, Psalm 110, the Divine Council, etc., since the idea was to look to the Bible for the Trinity. But ended up with an unrelated discussion on evangelicals and forests with paths.

    All the best to you guys. Look forward to seeing Mere Fidelity grow and improve.

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