Mere Fidelity is Finally on iTunes

Mere FidelityHey everybody, I’m pleased to announce that our podcast has finally been approved by iTunes and is now up for streaming, downloading, and so forth, with the four previous episodes up for grabs. You can go here to do so:

This is the link to click on. I am being very, very explicit with this so that you will actually click on it.

Also, if you’ve already listened to it, or once you’ve listened to it, please go ahead and rate it for us and maybe give it a review. We think the conversations we’re having are really valuable for the church and for our culture, so we want to get the word out. A podcast with actual reviews and (good) ratings is more likely to get noticed beyond the circle of reach of the four of us participating.

Finally, if wouldn’t mind share the podcast feed, please do so.

Soli Deo Gloria

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