Mere Fidelity Podcast: On Sanctification

Mere FidelityRecently there’s been a big dustup over the issue of Law, works, and sanctification. This week on Mere Fidelity, the boys (Andrew, Alastair, Matt) and I talk about why it’s become such a controversy, the nature of repentance, joyless sanctification preachers, and so forth. Good times were had by all. You can listen here:

Also, as a heads-up, we’re going to be begin reading and discussing ethicist Oliver O’Donovan’s classic essay Begotten Or Made. I’m told it’s the finest treatment of various bio-ethical issues like transgenderism and so forth, written in the last 30 years. Here’s what I’ll say: we plan on reading and discussing it in such a way that even if you haven’t read it, you’ll get a ton out of the discussion–well, at least as much as normal. That said, feel free to pick up a copy and read along with us.

Finally, we’re prepping for the podcast feed. If the Soundcloud option doesn’t work within a couple of days, we’ll get something going by next week.

As always, feel free share if you like what you hear.

Soli Deo Gloria