Podcasts: Do Calvinists Worship Another God? And What About Aliens?

This week I was on two podcasts. First, Andrew Wilson, Alastair Roberts, and I recorded our second ever episode of Casting Across the Pond. Inspired by Fred Sanders we discuss the ever popular “the God of Calvinism is a devil/another god/monster” trope that shows up in theological debate. Does it ever work? What does it mean? Should Calvinists say that sort of thing about Open Theists? What about Process theology?

Also, I defend my right to defend myself against the British. You can listen to it now:

Or listen and share it HERE.  Please do actually go listen and share. We’ve put in some leg-work on this and would love the word to get out about it.

Also, over at Christ and Pop Culture, Alan Noble and I talk about what the death of the New homepage means for communication, news, and our cultural consumption. Also, we talk about #ALIENS and whether we should baptize them like Pope Francis says.

You can go listen to that one by clicking HERE.

Soli Deo Gloria