Delicate Tastes (TGC)

gluttonyI can think of maybe one sermon I’ve heard on the subject of gluttony. Whether for fear of shaming portlier parishioners, or because our pastors have noticed how much closer the pulpit has moved to their own waistlines, it’s not a subject we address much in church. Yet precisely for that reason our thinking on the issue has become so shallow and one-dimensional, leaving the church, especially our affluent, North American congregations, exposed to a much less obvious, and all the more deceptive form of the temptation.

I have to admit that I struggle with gluttony. Yet those who know me probably wouldn’t suspect it. Indeed, I’m tempted to deny it myself because I don’t tend to have a weight issue, nor do I find myself eating to excess regularly—well, not since the holidays at least. All the same, this is a sin I’m beginning to realize I need to be increasingly watchful against.

Of course, that confession only makes sense when you understand that there’s more than one way of being a glutton. I’ll let C. S. Lewis explain what I mean.

Please go read the rest of the article HERE at the Gospel Coalition.

Soli Deo Gloria

2 thoughts on “Delicate Tastes (TGC)

  1. Gluttony is a good one to bring up to the ladder-climbers.

    But, then again, they will rationalize it away or ignore it so they can continue to feel that they have a handle on living the obedient life.

    Another good one to bring up is non compliance with ALL traffic laws. The “good Christians” will hold their hands over their ears for that one too.

  2. So true that it’s a sin seldom brought up. I had the pleasure of being struck by Lewis on this a few years ago as well: “. . . it is this kind of gluttonous sensuality, Wormwood instructs Screwtape, that has as its chief use ‘a kind of artillery preparation for attacks on chastity.’”

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