Calvin’s Pain and Our Comfort

I’ve written about some of the physical struggles and pains that I’ve struggled with over the last few years of ministry. They can and have been trying, exhausting, discouraging, as well as humbling and sanctifying all at once. I’d love to be rid of them (and praise God he has been healing me of them slowly!), because there are times when it has felt like all too much, all too terrible, and utterly pointless.

It comes as no little encouragement then to hear Michael Horton speak briefly on Calvin’s great many horrifying illnesses, and the way God used that to shape his pastoral theology. It begins to explain why the Institutes were a great comfort to me when this whole episode began.

I would encourage those of you suffering with chronic illnesses, whether in vocational ministry, or simply a saint worried that your suffering is hindering your service to the Lord to watch this and be blessed.

 (HT: Justin Taylor)

Looking forward to Horton’s new book Calvin on the Christian Life: Glorifying and Enjoying God Forever.

Soli Deo Gloria

2 thoughts on “Calvin’s Pain and Our Comfort

  1. Excellent. I have struggled with asthma/severe allergies for most of my life. This has shut down some opportunities in ministry, but by God’s grace has opened up many more.

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