Wise As Serpents, Even On The Daily Show (CaPC)

Screen-Shot-2013-07-18-at-12.29.00-AMDid you hear about that Evangelical pastor who got skewered on the Daily Show for claiming that Christians are bullied and gays beat up straights? Well, if you haven’t already, you should. In fact, you know what, just take a few to watch it:

So, there you have it. Dumb Evangelical pastor Matt Slick gets shown up as a silly, bigoted fool for thinking that Christians are persecuted in our country. We’re the majority religion with hundreds of thousands of churches, presidents claiming our faith in the halls of power, so on and so forth. Christian fears are nothing but simple fantasy and an immature tantrum because, for once, they have to share power and rights with a real, persecuted minority. Slick is scared that he might actually get some push-back for saying horrible things against them. And that’s the whole story.

Except for it’s not–Slick has his own side to tell.

You can read Slick’s side and my thoughts about Christian engagement on this subject over at Christ and Pop Culture.

2 thoughts on “Wise As Serpents, Even On The Daily Show (CaPC)

  1. Whatever Slick should have known going in, it still makes me angry that they did that to his interview. There is a clear bias in the media today and this is just one more example of the door swinging only one way when it comes to opinion on homosexual practice.
    Totally with you on the wise as serpents/innocent as doves connection. He definitely could have set up some parameters ahead of time to protect himself from this smear campaign. Even just requesting a live taping as you say. That way, you can still show a willingness to engage but not hand them the bullets to shoot at you.

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