I Hate Writing About Sex (CaPC)

no sexI hate writing about sex; I want to be over the whole sex conversation in general. Honestly, as interesting a subject as it might be, there is nothing easy, simple, or straightforward about it; it’s not the sort of subject I get up and think, “Wow, that would be a great angle for an article to write!” Honestly, I get a pit in my stomach. Culturally-speaking it’s a minefield. The amount of shame, hurt, obsession, money, and political-vitriol attached to discussions of sex makes it nearly impossible not to trigger some negative experience for someone. Our media is over-saturated with issues either directly or indirectly tied to it (gender, family, homosexuality, etc.) making it nearly impossible to say something on one topic without somehow involving another, making the whole thing exhausting and daunting.

The problem is that the conversation about sex isn’t going away. In fact, it just keeps getting louder.

You can go read the rest of my piece HERE at Christ and Pop Culture.

Soli Deo Gloria


3 thoughts on “I Hate Writing About Sex (CaPC)

  1. Derek –
    the article was good my friend though i found your initial trepidation almost as unnerving as you feel talking about the issue is 😉 I guess what i mean is, i think if we present a biblical standard for sexuality with a gentle and humble confidence, viz. unafraid to say what the bible says but not being jerks about it, we will gain a respectful hearing even with those who disagree with us. As you say, if we are willing to take the shots and remove the elbow length rubber gloves when we talk about sex, it will probably foster at least the confidence in others that what we have to say about the issue is actually something we are confident of ourselves. And there, i feel, is the rub: many of us are not willing to take the shots and wade in when called to do so b/c we are not actually confident about what we are claiming to believe about biblical sexual ethics and it is in our uncertainty that we are devoured by our critics.

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