Enjoy a Gloriously Epic Metal Easter

Becoming the Archetype’s “Self-Existent” off of their album Dichotomy is probably my favorite Easter song. I have been moved to tears on multiple Easters as I listen to this and think about the glorious resurrection of my Redeemer. Also, it is amazingly metal.

Some might wonder if the medium fits the message. “Is metal an appropriate means to convey the beautiful truth of Easter?”

I can only answer that question, with another question: “What is more epically-metal than Jesus killing Death?” I rest my case.

Into the darkened tomb
I walked but only found it empty

My mind is tormented
My soul is shaken

As a flame is tormented by the wind and rain
As the earth is shaken by an earthquake

My heart has accepted
What my eyes could never have believed:
I watched Him die
I watched Him die

In the silence death is defeated
In my spirit the battle rages on

And then I stepped into the light
I heard His voice, I saw His face
And then He stood there before me
A man buried but never dead*

My heart has accepted
What my eyes could never have believed
I saw Him rise
I saw Him rise

HE IS ALIVE! and reigns forever
HE IS ALIVE! He’ll reign forever

Soli Deo Gloria

*Some might quibble with this line. Yes, Jesus truly suffered death on the Cross. Then again, these guys are metal-heads and it sounds awesome.

3 thoughts on “Enjoy a Gloriously Epic Metal Easter

  1. Derek,

    That was awesome and I agree, moving. I really need to write that article about metal understanding that the Resurrection is the key to the gospel and that is why many metal bands vehemently deny that aspect of the gospel. Now I feel inspired to write after hearing that song. I already have a preliminary title, “What Metal Knows that Most American Christians Do Not”. Thanks Derek and Happy Easter.

    • It was my fave Resurrection song. Until now. Thanks for bringing that point. I am quibbling about that line. Solid Christian should never compromise this truth for the sake of art.

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