Rob Bell At the Areopagus (CaPC Feature)

Seth T. Hahne is the man.

Seth T. Hahne is the man.

Paul’s debate with the philosophers at the Areopagus remains a favorite story of mine. The Areopagus, or Mars Hill, in Athens was the cultural and intellectual center of the ancient world, so when the apostle Paul was asked to speak there on this strange new teaching about “Jesus” and “the Resurrection”, he spoke with great erudition and made an appeal for the Gospel tailored to his ‘religious’ but intellectually skeptical audience.

What We Talk About When We Talk About God is Rob Bell’s Areopagus speech.

You can read the rest of my feature review of his book HERE at Christ and Pop Culture.

Soli Deo Gloria

PS. It’s why I haven’t written anything this week and might not write much else.

3 thoughts on “Rob Bell At the Areopagus (CaPC Feature)

  1. While I approached your blog with some trepidation (as I do with everyone I haven’t encountered before) after reading a couple of your articles I have decided to feature you occasionally on my website. Whilst I don’t always buy what Keller and N. T. Wright are selling for the most part they are very solid. Perhaps what sold me over is your references to Michael Horton and Tim Challies who I believe to be an exceptional theologian and commentator respectively. If I sound picky you must forgive me. I find one cannot be too careful when featuring articles from another writer. An article can mean you endorse everything they have ever written in the mind of the reader.

    Anyway I am comfortable with the small amount I have seen on your website.
    Regarding your article/review I found it particularly helpful. I too feel some affinity and appreciation of the account of Paul’s debate with the philosophers at the Areopagus. As always I find that with Bell it is what he leaves unsaid that is most unsettling. He has a crafty way of avoiding being pinned down to any position.

    We need more Pastor’s like you in the young adult ministry rather than those being spoon-fed by Rob Bell (which is happening all too often).


    Cameron Spink

    • Thanks Cameron. I appreciate your thoughtful perusal and endorsement of my stuff. I hope it blesses you and your readers. Also, as a note, just know that even when I quote something, I myself am not always endorsing everything they have written either. 🙂

      • Don’t I know that feeling.
        About a third of the books I have sitting among my theology books are ones that I’ve bought to critique.
        No doubt people would get an interesting perception of me upon seeing titles like Brian McLaren, Greg Boyd, Hugh Ross and Philip Yancey.

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