That One Time I Was On the White Horse Inn: Sustainable Discipleship

Michael Horton and I are #besties.

Michael Horton and I are #besties.

True Story: I had the privilege of sitting in with the great Dr. Michael Horton on the White Horse Inn radio show a little while back. They’ve been going through a series on the state of youth ministry in the church and so they invited me to join with pastor Brian Thomas to chat about the challenges and promise reaching out and ministering to young adults in our context. Here’s the WHI description:

How should we disciple young adults? Though some are aware of the problems with entertainment based youth ministry, many are fearful that content based or catechetical approaches will leave kids bored and disengaged. Is this actually true, or should we challenge these assumptions? I’ll be discussing these important questions with Derek Rishmawy and Brian Thomas. –

So there you go. You can listen to the full audio of that program here:

Or go to their website for the audio and a list of helpful resources.

Soli Deo Gloria