A Prayer for Strength in Temple-Building

solomons_temple_jerusalemThis is a prayer in light of Haggai’s call to the returned Exiles to rebuild the Temple, in spite of the opposition they faced. This is now our prayer as we strive to build up the Temple of Christ, the Church:

Grant, Almighty God, that as we must carry on a warfare in this world, and as it is thy will to try us with many contests,—O grant, that we may never faint, however extreme may be the trials which we shall have to endure: and as thou hast favored us with so great an honor as to make us the framers and builders of thy spiritual temple, may every one of us present and consecrate himself wholly to thee: and, inasmuch as each of us has received some peculiar gift, may we strive to employ it in building this temple, so that thou mayest be worshipped among us perpetually; and especially, may each of us offer himself wholly as a spiritual sacrifice to thee, until we shall at length be renewed in thine image, and be received into a full participation of that glory, which has been attained for us by the blood of thy only-begotten Son. Amen.

–John Calvin, Lectures on Haggai

Soli Deo Gloria