Three Reasons Not to Buy Your Kid a Brightly Colored iPhone (Sorry kids) #CaPC

iphone colorAlong with the new iPhone 5s,  Apple released another iPhone, the 5c, that will feature plastic backings making them a lot more affordable and accessible to a broader audience. As cool as that is for some of us, a lot of parents who’ve been playing the ‘we can’t afford it’ card with their kids in order to keep them at bay, will be out one more excuse to put off buying their youngsters a smart-phone.

So what are parents supposed to do? Do you get the kid an iPhone? You’re kind of apprehensive because it’s been such an adult thing, but, I mean, all of their friends have them. They feel excluded. Also, the colors are pretty. It’s kind of the way the world works now, and you know, you had a Gameboy when you were a kid and you turned out fine. Plus, they’ve got to have a phone so you can get a hold of them. I mean, why not? What’s really standing in your way?

Watch me ruin kids’ days by telling their parents not to buy these things over at Christ and Pop Culture.